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Okay, part of me thinks this is all a little ridiculous. This being the trouble I’m having writing the synopsis. I understand the purpose behind writing a synopsis, don’t get me wrong. I know the importance of quickly weeding out the bad from the good for a book agent. I just think the distillation process feels like taking a shot of Everclear.

That’s the highest proof alcohol possible at standard atmospheric conditions. Any high content, the alcohol will turn back into water. I know, I’ve done it. Making candy. Seriously. Anyway, the comparison is the burn. It hurts. And you had to know you were asking for it when you got started.

Back to the point at hand, from everything I’ve read and seen, there isn’t exactly a science to this. Different people have recommended anywhere from 2-6 pages. That said, most of the examples I’ve read have been just over 500 words, maybe as many as 600. Tops. That’s not a lot of space, two pages, to get out the information I’ve just spent 400 pages writing.

I need to introduce:

  • The world
  • The main characters
  • The plot
  • The conflict
  • A few plot twists
  • The conclusion

Quite a bit of information for 6 pages.  Well, two.

I understand the reasoning, to an extent. Precision and exactness, knowing the right words to draw someone in and tell them the story you think is worth telling. That’s a talent, a skill that needs practice and polishing.

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean frequently) I struggle with how to do this. It’s not like I didn’t know this moment wasn’t coming. The main problem (not trying to make excuses though I’ll do that too) is my world isn’t predicated around humans. When a world is, there’s an inherent ease to saying “a normal boy discovers he’s a magician and hilarity ensue.”

No, instead, I need to explain the fact that humans aren’t even the protagonists. Hell, the only main character that’s human is Stein. I need to make that clear immediately, right? Or do I? See, if the purpose is to build the world, there might not be another more important aspect of this world than it isn’t controlled by humans. That all the characters aren’t. And I keep coming back to yet. If I’ve done my job, that’s window dressing. It doesn’t matter. The story isn’t dependent on the fact that humans aren’t the primary cause. Not dependent and yet it’s influence on the world is undeniable.

I can’t really talk much more about the specifics and i don’t really know how to keep out of trouble.

But that’s the synopsis. Of my synopsis. Like drinking grain alcohol and wishing you hadn’t. But really wanted to do so to begin with.