ALERT: Potential SPOILERS Ahead.

They’re going to be there. Looking back it’s almost impossible to differentiate these ideas from what I know is going to happen and what what’s relevant to the characters. Think of it this way, certain critical pieces of information, like backstory or events that shaped who they are. Still, I want to try and avoid spoilers, obviously.

These two are Felicia-Maria, no last name, and Jennifer Greyhaven. They are the two main female characters in the Tears of the Phoenix. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Felicia-Maria [Archive, Lady Archive] – female

IMG_1612Alias: Felicia, unknown birth name, no known family name


Hun Xue’Er – shoeshoe rabbit; Hun Xue’Er – Lynx

Affiliation: Color of the Seven Swords, Forensics, her Intel network, the Dark Masters, Fury Alley, Elite Force [professor]

Appearance: Fur changes color depending on season. Raven hair, coal eyes. Dresses in a long sleeved three-quarter coat the ends just below knee; colored darker blues and faded purples [see denim] woven together with denim texture. Pale purple and faded red turtle/half turtle neck sweater. Jean pants. Scarf, colors of the sunrise. Oval glasses [no frame?].

Notes: First appears in book one as a First Year cadet. Age: 17. Plays the flute. Familiar: Tabby Cat. Book two, age 21. Changes Hun Xue’Er animal affiliation in book three, age 31.

Felicia-Maria is a Point-of-View character, who narrates every other chapter, starting with chapter 02.

A maid-of-all works to former Elite, she was commanded to the WSCA. Keen interest in information, possibly to fill the void of her past. Created personalized favor/information exchange system. Reads anything she can get her hands on.

Enjoy puzzles and riddle. Ultimate detective. Absorbs facts and information like a sponge. Historical events fascinate her. Tops in her class. Photographic memory. Not good at intuitive leaps. Lack of self-confidence predicates information drive. Bad habit of nibbling on things when nervous.

Analyzes everyone as she sees them to determine mood, relevant backstory, observation.

Familiar name: Paint the Sky with Stars, WaveDancer

Born under the goddess: Anddrodah

Jennifer [Twitchtale, Herald] Greyhaven – female

IMG_1624Alias: aige nei chénjí – ní bìng xiaung niàn


Zhi Huei – second family

Affiliation: Herald, Dark Master, Fury Alley,

Appearance: White skin. One green, one blue eye. Pale, ash blonde hair, with highlighters of greater warmth, no longer than base of neck. Bangs fall to lips. Parted on left side. Black turtle-necked sleeveless sweater under a form fitting hoodie with each should cut out. Hoodie is normally grey but, as made by Gong Zhen flickers like fire depending on emotion. Simple black pants. Half-moon spectacles.

Notes: Zhi Huei name translates as [the song in the silence, timid and nostalgic elegance].

Introduce as a First Year cadet. Age: 11. Familiar: Phoenix. Plays the cello.

Raised to serve her aunt, Katherine Safehaven, she has virtually unlimited access to anything she wants, training or services. Mother died when she was ten, shortly before the books begin. Angry at the world, enjoys breaking rules.By far, the most naturally powerful, except perhaps Henry. Her skill is instinct.

Outwardly likable, if juvenilely rash. Hates excuses. Hides deep insecurities about her world. Deeply loves/hates her family. Tendency to take tests high, usually pain killers. Only Henry notices because, as he tells Felicia-Maria, when you get high you tend to get good at hiding it. Least averse to violating regulations and coarse language.

Originally, her character did not exist. She was created to fill a need in the story, presumably around freshman year in college. Not sure what original form was anymore.

Familiar name: unknown