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So, I’m at that point. “That point” being where I’ve decided that any further revision and editing is a waste of time. Any potential problems I see are minor. By that I mean, I can always tweak the story and make my story better. But it’s so trivial that it’s time to give up. Any work, my high school language arts teacher told me, is never complete. You simply give up on it. Well, it’s time to give up. That means it’s time to write a query letter.

Am I excited? Sure. Am I terrified? Absolutely.

See, this I don’t know anything about. It’s like writing a “cover letter.” Horrible. Hard. Almost impossible. I don’t know anything. So, I’ve bought a few books I’m going to read, taken some notes. It’s just, there’s so much information out there and I’ve never done this before. There’s definitely weight to putting everything I’ve worked on on the line. But, as the sports adage goes, the stars step up in the big moments. I don’t suppose I’ll be a superstar, but I’d like to dream still that I can be a star. Hell, even very good sports players make millions of dollars.

It’s more than just a query letter though. So, what do I need?

  • Sample chapter (obviously)
  • Query letter (also already covered)
  • Resume (I don’t have a literary one yet. How does that work?)
  • Synopsis (I dread this)
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope (for a response from Agent)

Good to know. Now let’s get started. I’m giving myself till the end of the month to figure this out.

Not for the entire book. Just chapters 01-03. See, I have a plan. Agents I looked up are looking for three chapters at most, so I’ve spent five weeks polishing the heck out of those three chapters. Many agents have a page limit or a chapter limit. I simply took the largest one (3 chapters) and edited that down. Then, during the 6-8 week waiting period, I’ll go and finish revising and editing the remaining 17 chapters. Sound insane? Probably. But hey, dreams are built on 80 hour work weeks. I include a standard 40 hour week for, you know, paying bills and earning money.