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Quick, partial spoiler bios of the characters. Facts that might not otherwise appear in the story. Sketches of them to be included where relevant. Today we’re looking at the two main male protagonists at the beginning of Tears of the Phoenix. Sypher Hawq and Asuran Stein.

As we continue, we’ll be taking a look at other major characters and some minor ones as well. Just some fun stuff. Along the way, I’ll also be posting some sketches of what the characters look like.

Sypher [Morpheus] Hawq – male

IMG_1614Alias: the one who knows everything


Hun Xue’Er – orange fox

Affiliations: none officially known. Apparently, everyone.

Appearance: Wears long, light brown, stripped down trench coat. Vest and white collar shirt. A scarf on top of that. Prep-school with a trench coat, yes?

Notes: Initial narrator book one. Age 19. Initially possesses Thunder KttT (mask).

Stein’s roommate their first year. A likable person. Exceptionally talented. Perhaps surpassing anyone else we’ll meet in the books. He knows more than he should and kept a journal of that act. He can see the universe as it seeps through his dreams, though he doesn’t always understand what he’s looking at. Probably as much responsible for formation of the Dark Masters as anyone else.

Has romantic feelings towards Stein. Though, he is probably unaware of it himself, that’s how he’s written. Not gay or bisexual. I’d classify him more as willing to sleep with anyone or anything. Not the type to sleep around. Just, open to the idea of sharing. If you think that’s confusing, go read Elfquest.

Enjoys playing the piano. Hates quiet moments to himself, but also hates socializing. Likes to break the rules, only because he’s rather bored and that’s how he entertains himself. Not a criminal in that sense.

Familiar name: Hold the Twilight, Diamond Dust

Asuran [Scouter] Stein – male

get_backers_v39_180 Alias: None known, Islander birth name unknown


Lone Islander – ZonGhou sect

Affiliation: Fury Alley, the Dark Masters, Elite Lancer, Black Ops.

Appearance: White skin, no sunlight; olive, sunlight. Obsidian cropped hair, few stray bangs fall down to chin. Blind: milky white pupils. Wears dark/moss/pine green sleeveless vest. Black long sleeve shirt. Black pants. Rectangular glasses. GLASSES.

Notes: First appears in book one as First Year cadet. Age: 17. Plays the piano. Familiar: Wolf. Holds Thunder Key to the Twilight. Book two, age 21. Book three, age 30.

Clarification. His first name is Stein. His family name is Asuran.

Attended northern Long Island academy. Trained/mastered over seven different types of martial arts and parkour. Strictly controlled diet and physical training regiment. He had not abandoned. Expelled at 11 for lose of eye sight during computer experiment. The computer overloaded in his face. Recruited for Elite Force at 17.

Computer prodigy and engineer. Designed bio-neural net surpassing any current computer system [core splendor]. Loss of sight is a key component to his evolution with computers, forcing him to interpret his data differently.

Enjoys chess, go, the piano, fishing. Dislikes PDA’s and drawing attention to himself.

Has a limited form of echo location. Accessed by clicking of tongue and cane. His glasses are derived from the Time Key to the Twilight. Actual magic is to see the soul and flow of the universe. Sniper [irony]. Tick: scratches/rubs forehand/eyebrow with left hand.

Likes the phrase “how troublesome” or “Zhen Ma Fan” “Zhen Táo Shén”

Familiar name: Howl at the two Moons, Cutter

Born under the Gods of the Four Corners. Represents: Center god, sealed by four corners.