Okay, so I’ve got my laptop back, much quick than expected, honestly. Which means, here we go. For this week, my stories and character names.

Proof of Concept:

Here rest the power men whomever the world should know. What are their stories? Series of short stories.

  1. The politician.
  2. The lawyer.
  3. The Father (not biological. religious).
  4. The mother.
  5. The child.
  6. The Teacher.

What’s in a Name:

  1. The Happening of Stupid
  2. A Hint of Almost
  3. Color of the Seven Swords
  4. Tesla
  5. Josephine

Bring em Together:

I think, what’s interesting, is that looking back on one idea I have listed for the week, is that it’s not really just one idea. That’s why it’s the only one. There are ideas  that inherently tie together or could tell different short stories. These are people who are dead, these are their grave stones. How are they all part of the same world, what small stories weave their lives together, even tangentially.

What makes this so appealing is that each is an archetype, an over arching theme that almost everyone in every day life knows and must deal with. How then do we try and not make these stories into cliches. Obviously, I think, since these are all listed as dead people. I’m not even sure that individually, these characters could support their own stories, without the tangential relationship to the others.

What do you think? How would you weave them together?

Next Time: I’ll be discussing planning a story, which I meant to do last week but all my pictures that I needed were on the laptop, which I didn’t have. Hooray forgetting back ups.