Originally written for 07.16.13, I just noticed this blog had, in fact, never been published. My apologies. Therefore my creative thoughts and ideas are week behind. No need to delay more then. Here now… Creative Origins.

Coincidentally enough, I don’t have a fancy name for this style of post. Not yet. These will just be ideas: stories, names, anything that I think of really. Maybe there’s an idea in there that I want to write, but these lists are also about inspiration for others. On occasion, I’ll also discuss names I’ve used, what they mean and why I used them. At the end, each time, i’ll try and tie these separate ideas together into one narrative.

Proof of Concept:

  1. A brother finds out his twin sister is a lesbian in the same conversation as he discovers his best friend is gay. Setting is at a breakfast table.
  2. Three friends go on a trip out west to the Rockies
  3. Three friends go on a trip into space, for school
  4. City boy hate the city, dreams of destory NYC
  5. Two boys dream of the city. Sci fi future where cities have all been destroyed

What’s in Name:

  1. Persistence of Memory
  2. Zack
  3. Devlin
  4. Tesla
  5. Trenches of Avalon

Bring em Together: Story Title: Persistence of Memory.

A young man is discussing how much he hates NYC. States all the reasons he hates it and how it were nuked, he wouldn’t really mind since the city was a waste of space anyway. His name is Zack. He’s discussing this over lunch one day on a trip with his twin sister and their best friend, a doctor. The sister is staring at her brother. She asks if he’s sure there isn’t something else he’d rather be discussing at the moment. The boy, after much fussing announces he’s gay. Their friend, the doctor shrugs. He/she says he/she remembers what that was like. She tried liking girls/boys for a while. Didn’t work out. The sibling just stare.

It turns out the whole story is being told from the perspective of Zack, who is now a farmer in what remains of Colorado. He and his friends survived the nuclear holocaust. They’ve taken a trip to see what remains of NYC with their children. The place they’d lived was one of the few places far enough enough away that they didn’t die of radiation poisoning and their immune system let them survive. The settlement is called “the Trenches of Avalon”.

As they arrive over the river, his sister asks if he misses it. Looking over the ruins, the boy admits he still doesn’t feel any grief.

Next Time: I’ll discuss how I plan for a story and what steps goes into my process.