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Greeting everyone and welcome to my humble blog, A Journal of Impossible Things, where I examine my writing process.

I love reading. I love writing. One of the qualities that make these so enjoyable is their ability to take participants to other places. That’s true of fiction and non-fiction, fantasy or history. What I am seeking to do here is to break down what I see when I’m writing and reading.

The writing process for me is 24/7. Every conversation I have, every line I read in a book, scene in a television show can spark an idea. The ideas never seem to stop, though sometimes a breather is useful.

Much of the time, I find myself trying to explain my creative process to my girlfriend or brother. Sometimes my friends and parents. They, to put it lightly, aren’t as inspired as I want them to be. Conveying the passion and energy I feel for even the smallest spark is unreasonable at best, not to mention unfair. Which  brings me here. I want to share all those thoughts in my head. Maybe I can inspire someone else out there to take an idea and run with it. As of right now, A Journal of Impossible Things will be broken in to two distinct sections.

The first is the Writing Process. This section will be about my thoughts on writing, while each section will soon be given a distinct banner, said sections will probably vary depending on the inspiration of that particular week.More about the subsections later, but each post will include:

  • story ideas I’ve created that week.
  • names I’ve created
  • my writing process

The second is Book Reviews. Here, I will post in-depth thoughts and analysis of each book I read. Since I hate that most book reviews are I read are only about 500 words and never really about much critical, I intend to thoroughly delve into the books I am reading and have read. Those books may be fiction, or non-fiction. Depends on the week. However, I always intend to cover:

  • characters
  • plot
  • pacing/flow
  • worst/best moments
  • quotables

As with the Writing Process, the specific sections will be named later.

If you’ve gotten this far, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do. I would appreciate your creative inspiration and insight. Sharing ideas is a great way to get new ideas.